Bushin Ryu Vision Statement

It is our intention and vision statement to offer the opportunity for individuals and martial arts schools to discover a perspective free from doubt and fear, to embody the principles of harmony, creativity, and spontaneity, and to learn how to transform conflict, outer and inner, into wisdom. Returning to integrity and a movement of free thought and growth within the realm of humanities self-development.

Our vision statement further seeks to offer the opportunity for individuals and martial arts schools to understand that to seek and walk this path, we value meeting life free from resistance, recognizing that we can not know what the next moment will bring, trusting that whatever the next moment is, it is an opportunity to evolve, renouncing our investment in fear, separation, and aggression, facing this moment with respect, reverence and gratitude.

With this vision statement and intention and these values we hope to create a movement whereby we, both individually and collectively, become authentic, aware, and independant. Where we express and embody clearly the technique, the wisdom, the energy, and the vision of the Japanese arts that we practice, and that we strive to be a catalyst for positive change in our community both locally and globally.

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