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Budo Shingikan Martial Arts Instructor

The Budo Shingikan martial arts instructors position teach all aspects of Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu. As a martial arts instructor, you would help people to understand the philosophy and history of our martial art system, and teach them the skills they need to take part safely.

If you are interested in Bushin Ryu, and martial arts jobs phoenix through Budo Shingikan Dojo, as well as have good communication skills and enjoy motivating people, then this could be the job for you.

To be a martial arts instructor, you will need to be an advanced student in Bushin Ryu. You can then join the Teachers in Training Instructors program to learn the fundamentals of being a martial arts instructor. Following your training you may take a Sensei / official qualification exam in addition to other criteria such as rank requirements and time requirements to be recognised by the International Governing Body (Kyokai) for your teaching license.

Martial Arts Jobs Phoenix Work activities

As a martial arts instructor you would:

  • prepare lesson plans
  • demonstrate warm ups, skills training, and physical conditioning
  • teach students by breaking down techniques into simple moves
  • develop individual training programs and private lesson sessions
  • observe and assess students, and give them feedback on their progress
  • develop and practice your own skills
  • take responsibility for the health and safety of students, and for teaching safe training habits
  • promote your classes.
  • You could work with both adults and children, instructing them at an appropriate level.
Martial Arts Jobs Phoenix Working hours and conditions

You will have a set and defined working hours, which include prep time day hours, primetime (when you are teaching on the mat) evenings and weekends to meet the needs of your students.

You would also accompany students to seminars, and attend national and international courses to develop your own skills.

You could work in a variety of locations.

There is always the risk of danger at a martial arts class, and it would be your responsibility as an instructor to make sure that your class is as safe as possible.

Martial Arts Jobs Phoenix Income

Instructor at Budo Shingikan work as Full Time Professional Martial Artists and teachers, we do not allow you to work multiple jobs as this diminishes the focus on your training and students.

As an instructor, your income would vary depending on the role you play and the level of teaching license you’ve earned. Accredited Assistant instructors can make $1,600 monthly, while Accredited Chief Instructors can make up to $150,000 annually.

Performance bonuses are also a part of our salary system.

Figures are intended as a guideline only.

Martial Arts Jobs Phoenix Entry requirements


To train as a martial arts instructor you would need a teaching license/qualification recognized by the Kyokai our International Governing Body (NGB).

Before obtaining an accredited teaching license qualification you would need:

  • to be aged at least 18
  • instructor membership within the Kyokai
  • a minimum Sandan grade (3rd Degree Black Belt) approved by the Kyokai

You will be expected to have held an assistant instructor qualification for a minimum of 1 year. Instructor titles\qualifications and awards or issued at the sole discretion of the Kyokai and Kaiso D’Antonoli.

If you will be working with children, young people or other vulnerable groups, you will need clearance by being fingerprinted and going through a federal background check or equivalent.


Martial Arts Jobs Phoenix Training and development

Once qualified as a Assistant Instructor, you will be required to be First Aid Certified, from a provider approved by the Kyokai.

You will be expected to improve your skills, through continuing education in Martial Arts and Martial Arts Instruction, this provides an orgainzsational standard for areas such as Child Protection, Health & Safety.

Senior Sensei and Instructor qualifications are available from the Kyokai as well. You can do these after specific time requirements which offer you extensive experience of training from 1st Dan Black belt students and have achieved at least 3rd Dan.

You will be expected to increase your knowledge and skills by attending Kyokai courses and workshops. There are several personal development courses for Instructors run by Kaiso.


Martial Arts Jobs Phoenix Skills, interests and qualities

To be a martial arts instructor at Budo Shingikan, you will need to have:

  • knowledge and ability in Bushin Ryu
  • good knowledge of physiology
  • good spoken communication skills
  • the ability to demonstrate techniques clearly
  • perseverance and patience
  • enthusiasm and the ability to inspire confidence and motivate others
  • good organizational skills
  • commitment to health and safety.


Martial Arts Jobs Phoenix Opportunities

There is often the potential to open your own school once you’ve completed all the requirements. This is where a student is tested and rewarded for their skills and knowledge by being granted the privilege of opening their one Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu school. Dojo owners in good standing with the organization typically make an income of over $250,000 annually.


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