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Comments To make a comment simply sign up and become a member! This breed can be a good choice for families due to her small to medium size and devoted, even temperament. This dog is one of the best dog breeds with kids and is also tolerant around most other pets in the household. I have a house of foster dogs, mainly bullbreeds and my own Jack Russell. Sadly, dogs that like cats pooch passed inso now we are just 'cat people. But I notice that Toby will only do this when I'm not around.
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The Boxer dog and cat fighting was so funny, especially when they were distracted, stop to take a look at what was happening around them, and then returned to their little playful fight.

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Five Dog Breeds That Like and Are Good With Cats | PetHelpful

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Let her around your dog, but only under supervision until you are absolutely sure the dog will not chase. By Kristen Seymour April 13, If you are getting a puppy, be sure to introduce your cat in a controlled environment so that the dog does not start to chase.

10 Most Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Like cats, Basenjis love to hunt. They were domesticated to be hunting dogs, which also might explain why they're so quiet. As one of the more shy breeds. We've all heard the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs." But that doesn't have to be the case. I have treated a lot of corneal lacerations over the. Some of them want dogs that are more cat-like in personality, which is pretty understandable. For those of you looking for a more reserved dog breed, check out.
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Just keep her away from cats in the meantime!!!!!

The Five Best Cat-Friendly Dogs

Thanks, I enjoy your visits! It is important that the cat does not run and act like prey; some dogs never seem to understand the concept that all pets are part of the family. Also, remember that each dog is an individual and his temperament is a mix of genetics, training and environment. I think it really depends on training, not breed. They will kill prey, but have them off leash and they are more than likely to take off. I am allergic to cats and have not found Siberians in the area I live so I too am missing half of my house! So yes this is some very helpful content and thanks for sharing.
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Love the video on the boxer and cat.
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While it might be difficult for us to understand, there are some people that just don 't like dogs. However, it seems like more and more are being converted into. Dogs · Cats · Nutrition · Ingredients · About Purina. Our Products. Dry Dog Food · Wet Dog Food · Dog Treats · Wet Cat Food · Dry Cat Food · Cat Treats · Cat. Some of them want dogs that are more cat-like in personality, which is pretty understandable. For those of you looking for a more reserved dog breed, check out.
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