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Thank you for not giving up, Andrea. I will have this certainty after my Ecats will be massively in operation. The timing depends on the delta T in the specific operational system. Hundreds of scientists from all over the world, financed with billions of euros and dollars, have not been able to obtain e-cat world fusion, that is the goal e-cat world which they were financed, but you alone, and with a few million, succeeded: December 8, at 2: Most regular readers here will be aware that recently the website e-catworld.
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MFMP paved the way of a collaborative venture.

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December 16, at 3: It is also known for its excellent qualities of popularizer, in particular on quantum mechanics. So, it could be used, in the future, as an effective, clean, highly efficient, energy production system.

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On 3 dicembre By E-Cat World. Andrea Rossi continues to provide a few new details regarding his E-Cats. He has stated that the E-Cat SK that is currently . E-Cat World. likes · 1 talking about this. Following the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Revolution. In fact, seeing the E-Cat on a lab bench is a technical demonstration, but seeing it .. Do you think the Ecat will be useful against the so called global warming?.
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Sassy - Age: 30
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Raw and processed data can be found at this Google Drive link:

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It is described at https: Please accept my apology if I offended you. But all this has nothing to do with the blog topic. All my support and congratulations to all your team Raffaele. Dear Andrea, few days ago Sam asked you to endorse e-cat heating for the climatization of the Miami Airlines Stadium. From the Sankey diagram that you see at this link.
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Cali - Age: 32
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December 12, at 8: Irina and Vitaly Uzikov.
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Find what you want in a library near you with WorldCat, a global catalog of library collections. Sign up for e-mail updates. E-Cat World is actively using 37 technologies for its website. E-Cat World is ranked , among websites globally based on its , monthly web. One of the world's most experienced experts on cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) has reviewed the Lugano Test of Andrea Rossi's ecat LENR.
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