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Budo Shingikan Kyokai – Requirements


 *Please note: The Kyokai does not offer “rank recognition”.

There are associations that, for a fee, will award you a new rank from their organization equal to the rank you already possess. Budo Shingikan Honbu Dojo does not do this. If you are a 10th dan black belt in some other style you will still join the Kyokai with no rank. If your previous training has value then it will help you progress rapidly within Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu. Please do not waste our time by making such a request.

For instructor ranks: The person must have several years in our system (achieving the rank of Sandan or 3rd Dan) or prove through testing procedures that his/her previous training prepared him/her to absorb the Bushin Ryu techniques/syllabus rapidly.

Our instructor grading system is as follows: Apprentice Instructor (Teachers in Training), Assistant Instructor (actively working in the Dojo setting), Associate Instructor (Full Time Instructor – School Chartered through the Kyokai), Full instructor. ( Minimum 3rd Dan with corresponding Teaching License  – No rank skipping)


Martial Arts Careers – Before joining, you need to ask, “Are You Right for Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu and The Budo Shingikan Kyokai?”

Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu is about growing, learning, and expanding. If you join the Kyokai the expectation is that you are here to learn, i.e. learn something new. This may seem obvious, but, turns out, it is not.

I am often approached by high ranking “masters” from other styles, or I should say, individuals claiming high ranks in other styles, who say they want to be part of the Kyokai. After a few emails several things emerge; often they do not want to pay our very modest fees, they simply hope to ‘exchange’ ranks. I have been offered all sorts of ranks in styles I have not really trained in, in exchange for ‘certification’ or Licensure in Bushin Ryu. Now if you are not willing to invest a few dollars in something – that is the first sign that we have a problem here. Also, what kind of a person values a rank they did not earn?

Martial Arts Careers – How long can you expect this process to take? 

A dedicated student can enter the TNT program after 6 months of training allowing them to start laying the foundational skills for understanding both leadership and teaching skills. A dedicated student with 1 year of experience and at least 6 months of Instructors Training (TNT) can start to assist an Associate Instructor on the mat. A student may reach Associate Instructor after 2 years of dedicated training and 1 year within the Instructors Program (TNT) or may this may be issued to teachers who pass all the qualifications to bring their martial arts school into our Federation. A Full Time Instructor must be a dedicated full time student with at least 8 years experience in Bushin Ryu having attained the rank of Sandan and awarded a Teaching License with several years of experience being an Associate Instructor.

Martial Arts Careers – Steps to becoming an Bushin Ryu Instructor

Instructor ranks are valid only as long as you are an active, current, and in good standing Kyokai/Charter member. Instructors who leave the Kyokai, or are dismissed from the organization will no longer be listed on our instructors page, will no longer receive any advantages to using our name, the name of our system, or advertise themselves as certified and licensed instructors.

Your rank and status are only valid as long as you are an active and approved member.

Rule 1: The Kyokai does not ‘exchange’ ranks. If you want a rank you will have to prove that you know what needs to be known. If you want to teach you need to prove you are a good teacher with a breadth of knowledge in technique as well as the underlying principles of the technique.


There are also individuals who want to be awarded rank and recognized as Bushin Ryu instructors without actually doing any training. They send me video clips of themselves doing all sorts of lovely techniques but this is not Bushin Ryu.

Rule 2: I don’t care if you are a tenth dan black belt, you are going to have to get on the mat and learn something new! If you are not willing, no, better yet if you are not burning with desire to learn the best Japanese Martial Arts available – don’t come to us. We are not a diploma factory; you will have to learn something new and understand/want to be a part of the Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Culture.

If you are coming from Taekwondo or Shotokan Karate you will find nearly all of our techniques are new to you. If you are coming from Jujitsu you will probably have seen similar versions of some of our techniques. If you are coming from a different Japanese system then perhaps half of the techniques will be familiar, but in all cases there will be new material to learn. If you are not interested in learning something new – walk on. This is not the right match for you.

However, if you are humble enough to realize that all of us are always learning, if you truly want the best for you and your students, if you are willing to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and sweat a bit; then you have found the right place.

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