The Culture of Bushin Ryu

Guiding all Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Practitioners
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Professionalism, Respect, Positive Attitudes, Gratitude, Protocol, Friendship and a sense of Belonging are underlying core principles of the Bushin Ryu Culture. An experience where one feels respected and appreciated. One is always met with a smiling and friendly personality; words are positive, encouraging and respectful.


Walking through our schools one must hear the sounds of training. Greetings should be loud and cheerful. Kids should be met with bows, handshakes or high fives, sometimes taking the time to kneel down to greet and or listen to a child. While talking to an adult, one must stop and pay attention to them addressing them with full focus, eye contact, etcetera.

Phrases such as: no problem, it is my pleasure, what can I do for you?, I’ll be happy to; must be exercised. All concerns and negative comments or issues MUST be dealt with in private. The atmosphere must be high energy and moving, clean to the “T” smelling clean and fresh. The staff must look happy, groomed, healthy and professional. Staff clothes/uniforms are clean and professional. Shirts with Bushin Ryu or Honbu Logo, or in office settings business casual attire, or allocated uniform are required. Seasonally approved items are permitted.

New students or visitors entering the Dojo need to be acknowledged and welcomed; they should not be made to wait more than 10 – 15 seconds.

Protocol must be maintained between students. Students to teachers, teachers to staff, staff to students. Avoid using slangs in speech or nick names. Use the appropriate titles as earned. Staff should be the first to approach the student with a greeting and also among themselves.

Firm, respectful handshakes, graceful bows or respectful nods of acknowledgement should be the normal atmosphere of the school. Encouraging words and appropriate physical touches or even hugs must be used. Cheerful attitudes, a place of fun learning, a place where people are welcome, where they are made to feel special and a sense of belonging. A sense of family where there are almost no strangers even when one does not know the other person one should acknowledge them.

A place where adults are to be trusted and children respected. A place where a mother of a child can politely correct another child without feeling that she is stepping on someone’s toes or that it is not her place. A culture of growth and nurturing. A culture in which the instructor is a big brother, or a father figure, or a sister or mother figure. A Sensei is not a coach but a teacher and respected figure.

A place where all members and their families understand and respect that this is a professional institution. Rules, policies and procedures must be followed and observed, and protocol must be maintained and exercised.

A place where everyone comes to learn and grow themselves. A place where people love to share and help others. No egos or false pride. No bullies or rowdy people. Just people helping others grow in the martial arts.


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